Recoat – Concrete

  • Premium-grade clear 2k matt paint for indoors and outdoors  
  • Restores colour and substrate; easy to apply  
  • Simply clean the substrate; sanding is not necessary  
  • Highly dirt and water-repellent  
  • Can be applied on top of existing coats of paint  
  • Can be topped with other paint products  
  • Rainproof within 30 minutes  
  • Premium-grade level of chemicals, UV A and UV B-resistant  
  • Low smell
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The Recoat Concrete coating is a durable and environmentally friendly coating! This concrete coating simplifies the maintenance of substrates and makes frequent maintenance unnecessary. The treated surfaces are permanently protected against dirt, water and weathering. Dirt hardly sticks to the surface anymore, so that the rain washes away most dirt.

It is a matte, transparent coating that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The Recoat Concrete can be applied to concrete surfaces, many types of natural stone, artworks and façade cladding such as Trespa. The Recoat Concrete leaves no water vapor through which makes this coating is not applicable to breathable surfaces such as wood outside. Because of the many applications, this coating is attractive for many sectors and disciplines. Especially for sectors such as real estate, infrastructure and civil engineering it is attractive to treat substrates with a Recoat coating. It is an economically interesting and sustainable alternative for maintaining different surfaces.

Not only because the coatings are durable and environmentally friendly, but also because it will save you a lot of money. Money for management and maintenance of the subsoil or even for substitution is saved. This is all no longer necessary after treatment with the Recoat Concrete.

Recoat coatings adhere excellently and are easy to process. Only cleaning of the substrate is sufficient before the coating can be applied. After half an hour the treated surface is already resistant to rain. In addition, they are odor poor, preventing nuisance for local residents.

Are you looking for a coating, which protects the surface against Graffiti? Than check Recoat Anti Graffiti Gloss!

Additional information


3.2 liter

Mixed Volume

4 liter

Mixed ratio

4 : 1

VOC Content

37 g/L


Clear waterborne 2K coating

Approximate specific density

1,253 Kg/L

Volume fixed percentage


Potlife at 20°C

2 hours

Application temperature

10 – 30 °C

Relative humidity

A maximum of 80%


15 m2 – 20 m2 / liter






Wear gloves and ensure sufficient ventilation


SDS – EU – Recoat Concrete

TDS – EU – Recoat Concrete

Test Report 412343 Warrington Fire Smoke Density Recoat Concrete – BS 6853 D8.4 – LUL B.6 (2 specs)

Test Report 412337 Warrington Fire Smoke and Toxicity Assessment Recoat Concrete – BS EN 45545-2 2013+A1 2015 50kW

Product Cross Cut Test – Recoat Concrete op Conrete

Product Cross Cut Test – Recoat Concrete op Aluminium

Product Cross Cut Test – Recoat Concrete op Vinyl

Product Spot Test – Recoat Concrete

Product Konig Pendulum Hardness Test – Recoat Concrete

Product Pencil Hardness Test – Recoat Concrete

Product Conical Mandrel Test – Recoat Concrete

Product Resistance To Liquids Test – Recoat Concrete

Product Abrasion Resistance Test – Recoat Concrete

Product Fire Classification

Product QUV Test Report

Product Comparison

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