Recoat Antimicrobial products

At the request of the Dutch healthcare sector, Recoat® started the AM project (Anti Microbial) in February 2019.
Recoat® started looking for a solution against various bacteria that occur in hospitals and nursing homes, among others.
Recoat® has developed a clear water-based coating against, among others, MRSA, E. Coli and Legionella, based on silver ion technology with a permanent AM effect.

After the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we worked 24/7 on a solution to combat this virus with the above-mentioned coating. We succeeded in this objective!
Since last week, all AM products have been tested and approved by an independent laboratory against international test standards, the ISO 21702: 2019.

This AM Protector® technology meets all requirements and guidelines and can be found in various products from the Recoat® product portfolio.

The first products on the market are the AM Protector® & AM Cleaner®:

  • Easy to apply by cleaners and maintenance workers
  • Apply with a spray bottle and aerosol
  • Especially for surfaces that are often touched
  • Actively protects against viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeasts

Application on surfaces: stainless steel, hard plastics, aluminum, wood, galvanized, steel, ceramics, glass.

Examples: Toilets, showers, taps, ventilation ducts, handles, kitchen worktops, lift doors, railings, coffee machines, counters, keyboards, remote controls, tables, desks, etc.

Industries: Healthcare, Transportation (trains, buses, planes), Public spaces (stations, airports and stadiums), Education (tables, chairs, vending machines)

From the end of October, this AM Technology will also be used in other Recoat® products such as the Recoat Wall paint, Recoat Semi Gloss and Recoat Matt.