Case studies

Recoat Floor Anti-Slip coating system prevents slip accidents at London’s Paddington Hammersmith & City underground station

Overview Paddington is one of London’s main railway stations and is therefore a busy  hub with local, regional and international passengers traveling both by train and underground.  Transport for London runs the day to day operation of London’s public transport network. Creating a safe environment for passengers and staff by implementing safety regulations and improvements […]

Recoat Floor anti-slip system offers a solution for slip accidents in jetties at Heathrow Airport

Overview Facilitating smooth and safe movements is vital in crowded public areas. London Heathrow Airport is one of these public areas where many people congregate, travelling to a destination abroad or returning home. One of the challenges the airport was facing was finding a sustainable, easy to clean, long term solution for slippery floors. Challenge […]

Recoat Floor test results at Gatwick Airport station show a significantly reduced slip potential

Overview Public places where many people congregate face a variety of challenges in taking care of smooth and safe travelling movements. Gatwick Airport station is one of these public places where many people are passing through. One of the challenges they were facing was finding a sustainable, easy to clean, long term solution for slippery […]

Successful trial run of antimicrobial coating in public area

Introduction Asito contacted us with the question of how to offer a safer and healthier living environment while simultaneously countering the use of detergents. The immediate answer is to clean more frequently using more disinfectants. However, this has a temporary effect and the use of these agents is not always necessary. Especially in public areas […]