Recoat products are transparent coatings that can be applied to virtually all substrates, both indoors and outdoors: painted and unpainted metals such as stainless steel, aluminium, copper, zinc, lead, enamelled aluminium, and steel; almost all plastics; concrete; natural stone; and linoleum. This makes our products extremely suitable for maintaining many types of substrates for which there are hardly any proper and/or environmentally friendly solutions.

Countless organisations use our products: government agencies, amusement parks, housing corporations and the business community.


Does the façade cladding on your office building become dull? Is your powder coating losing colour and do the window-frames start to get worn out? When you apply our Recoat polishes everything will look like new again. The colour and state of the weathered surfaces is permanently recovered, and you don’t have to pay attention or spend money on it anymore. In addition, our coatings are dirt and water repellent so that the surfaces are permanently protected against weathering after treatment. Therefore, you won’t have costs for replacement and maintenance anymore.



Sound walls, fly-overs and trains are often fully plastered with graffiti which is a source of annoyance for many. Recoat has developed an anti-graffiti coating that permanently protects all your substrates against graffiti. The graffiti can’t attach to the surface and is therefore really easy to clean by using our Recoat Graffiti Remover. In addition, the transparent coating is dirt and water repellent wherefore your environment will stay clean and high maintenance costs are in the past.



Trains, buses and trams are often the target of graffiti but also age quickly. All means of public transportation can be recovered and protected with our Recoat products. Next to trains, buses and trams you can immediately coat all stations and bus shelters to protect them from dirt, graffiti, weathering and dullness. This way all the public transport stays clean and maintenance free. Which results in lower maintenance costs.



Recoat developed an anti-glare coating particularly for walls. Buildings retrieve their original state and are permanently protected against weather effects. Because of this you will save a lot of maintenance costs. Our transparent coatings can be applied to many different substrates like concrete and natural stone.

Recoat also has a solution for walls inside your building. Recoat Wallsealer protects your walls with optimal results and is very easy to clean. This is a great way to save maintenance costs in for example hospitals and schools.



Recoat Floor protects floors against dirt. Think about carwashes, floors around swimming pools and in stations. Our floor coating is also anti-slip. Because of this you prevent slipperiness on e.g. stairs and arcades. Your floors are permanently protected so frequent maintenance isn’t necessary anymore.