Successful trial run of antimicrobial coating in public area


Asito contacted us with the question of how to offer a safer and healthier living environment while simultaneously countering the use of detergents. The immediate answer is to clean more frequently using more disinfectants. However, this has a temporary effect and the use of these agents is not always necessary. Especially in public areas where many people congregate, such as railway stations, airports, hospitals, schools and offices, hygiene is vital to ensure the safety of visitors. However, Asito was looking for another solution. Targeted hygiene with fewer agents while at the same time achieving and maintaining an optimal hygienic environment was defined as the starting point.


With its partner Dercom, Recoat develops unique, high-quality and sustainable coatings; therefore, they suggested using Recoat’s AM Protector coating as the answer to Asito’s request. This coating is based on the AM Protector Technology. This is a protective coating on which mold, bacteria and viruses cannot survive. By applying AM Protector on surfaces such as tables, counters, handles, sanitary facilities and doors, but also leather, artificial leather and soft plastics, these gain long-term protection. The coating is water-based, easy to apply, and has a long-lasting effect; its condition can be tested via UV light.

Research trial

In addition to existing test results, Asito carried out their own field research on the functioning and effectiveness of the coating and started a trial in the restrooms of a large public area where many people congregate. The test results were compared to other restrooms where the coating had not been applied. During the 6 months trial phase, 6 test moments were executed on 5 hand contact points by SGS Analytics.

Outcome: long lasting hygienic protection and a significant saving on maintenance costs

The test results are convincing: the difference in levels measured in the coated restrooms and the untreated restrooms where the coating was not applied, is significant. There is a consistent quality of the restrooms where the coating has been applied, regardless of variables such as the number of visitors and the most recent cleaning. The hygiene level is very high; relative differences are particularly high between cleaning schedules, compared to restrooms that were not treated with the coating. After application, the coating has an average duration of 6 months, even at a cleaning frequency of 8 times a day. Furthermore, a calculation of the use of AM Protector compared to the regular agent shows a significant saving on product costs because the regular agent is no longer needed.

The use of AM Protector can be made visible by  STAY SAFE visuals. The STAY SAFE concept consists of a product range of coatings for various applications, complemented by visual communication tools such as decals and signs equipped with the STAY SAFE logo. These tools create awareness by showing visitors to public areas such as airports, railway stations and shopping centers, that they are actually in an optimally hygienic area. This experience strengthens feelings of trust, safety and comfort. The coating can therefore contribute positively to an increase of repeated visits.

Bram Mensink, Product innovation Manager at Asito, states:

‘A clean and hygienic living environment is more important than ever, but how to provide this and how to ensure the quality between cleaning schedules?  Recoats’ coating offers a great solution to keep surfaces clean for a longer period, also between cleaning activities. The trial has been very successful and the test results are highly promising. With this concept we offer targeted additional hygiene for the most critical hand touch points and places, and we make sure that visitors do not need to worry about hygiene. We are able to perform without increasing the cleaning frequency or exposing our employees to harmful agents.’

Field research - Trial phase

Example test result

Sampling date Analysis Sample Result
26-4-2021 Dipslide (Aerobic colony count) Toilet seat
NO 07581
0: very good (<3)
26-4-2021 Dipslide (Aerobic colony count) Door handle
NO 08538
0: very good (<3)
26-4-2021 Dipslide (Aerobic colony count) Water tap
NO 09212
0: very good (<3)
26-4-2021 Dipslide (Aerobic colony count) Washbasin
NO 08849
0: very good (<3)

Data taken from analysis report SGS Food Analytics B.V.
Method of investigation: Total viable count (score)

0 = < 3 cfu;

1 = 3-9 cfu;
2 = 10-29 cfu;
3 = 30-90 cfu;
4 = > 90 cfu

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