Anti Graffiti coating Nijmegen

Are you looking for a product that helps protect against graffiti? The Recoat Anti Graffiti coating is a coating that helps to protect surfaces against graffiti. Specially developed from problems in the maintenance sector due to pollution by graffiti. It is a transparent coating that can be applied to various surfaces. This Anti Graffiti coating cannot be applied to breathable surfaces since this coating does not allow water vapor to pass through. Extremely suitable for traffic signs, lampposts and façade façades where there is a lot of graffiti spraying and game plaque. Surfaces that are provided with stickers can also be treated such as e.g. advertising columns, traffic signs, traffic control installations, overhead doors.

Recoat is based in Ravenstein, but our coatings are applied on an international level.

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The Anti Graffiti coatings from Recoat are all transparent, but there are two options. This way you can choose from a high gloss coating. This is the Anti Graffiti Coating Gloss. This is a very high-quality clear 2k Anti graffiti high-gloss lacquer for both inside and outside. But we have also developed a matte version. This is the Anti Graffiti Coating Mat. This is a 2k Anti Graffiti matte varnish for both inside and outside. Both variants are highly dirt and water-repellent and therefore ensure that you will never again be bothered by graffiti pollution.

Anti Graffiti coating Nijmegen
Anti Graffiti coating Nijmegen


Applying the Recoat Anti Graffiti coating is an economically attractive alternative. The graffiti is very easy to remove after treatment with just a spray and a cloth. No special people or equipment are needed, so that it is possible to respond quickly to graffiti pollution. This contributes to the discouragement policy. In addition, this coating is also used to combat game slabs. Posters can easily be removed from the surface. In addition to saving costs for hiring people and equipment, maintenance costs are also saved. The Anti Graffiti is dirt and water resistant and it prevents weathering. The substrate retains its original color and condition, making frequent maintenance and replacement of the surface unnecessary.


Recoat only produces the coatings, view our applicators before applying them. Do you have specific questions about the coatings? Contact us or complete our contact form.