Anti Graffiti coating Ravenstein

Do you suffer from graffiti pollution? Recoat has the solution. We have developed a transparent Anti Graffiti coating. After the substrate has been treated with this coating, the nuisance caused by graffiti becomes much smaller. This is because the coating ensures that the graffiti is less likely to adhere to a surface. Is a treated surface sprayed with graffiti? Then cleaning is very easy. The cleaning can be done by anyone with just a spray and a cloth. The spray that is needed for this is the Graffiti Remover from Recoat. Recoat is based in Ravenstein, but develops and produces coatings that are used internationally.

But not only graffiti adheres to the substrate less easily. Posters, stickers and posters also adhere less quickly. Because of this, the game sticking is also prevented. Wildpokers and graffiti sprayers do not return to the same place when they notice that their graffiti, posters, posters and stickers are easily and quickly removed. This contributes to the discouragement policy.

View the Recoat Anti Graffiti coating.


No special people or expensive equipment are required to clean the surface after it has been treated with the Anti Graffiti Coating. The time and money that you normally spend on a specialist is saved. In addition, you save time and costs for drafting traffic rules. Driving lanes do not have to be turned off as no large equipment is needed. The result is workspace saving and fewer traffic jams.

Anti Graffiti coating Ravenstein
Anti Graffiti coating Ravenstein


Recoat only produces the coatings, view our applicators before applying them. Do you have specific questions about the coatings? Contact us or complete our contact form.