Anti Graffiti coating from Recoat

Are you looking for an Anti Graffiti coating? Recoat has developed a very innovative Anti Graffiti coating. The biggest advantage is the considerable savings in your management and maintenance costs after a substrate has been treated with this coating. How this comes? If you have this coating applied by one of our applicators, then the treated surface is permanently protected against graffiti and wild spots. Graffiti adheres less easily to the surface, making graffiti very easy to clean.


To remove the graffiti, only a cloth and a spray are needed. This cleaning can be done by everyone. No special equipment is needed. This eliminates the need to turn off roads or set up special traffic rules for cleaning a surface. In this way, traffic jam formation is prevented. In addition, it is possible to react quickly to pollution caused by graffiti, so that you do not suffer any reputation damage and i twill contribute to the discouragement policy. This means that graffiti painters do not return to the same place again when the graffiti is removed so quickly and easily.

Watch our product videos here so that you can see with your own eyes how easy it is to get rid of graffiti.

Anti Graffiti coating
Anti Graffiti coating


The Anti Graffiti coating is transparent and can be applied to almost any surface. The coating is only not suitable for outdoor wood. This is because the coating does not let water vapor through. Besides that the coating makes cleaning graffiti easy, the coating is also water and dirt repellent. It protects surfaces against water, dirt, but also against weathering. The condition and color of a surface are restored, the surface looks like new again.

You can choose from two different Anti Graffiti coatings. We have produced a matt coating and a glossy coating. You will also find the spray for cleaning the graffiti at Recoat.


In addition to the many benefits of the Anti Graffiti coating that have already been explained above, all of Recoat’s coatings are sustainable and environmentally friendly. This means that our Anti Graffiti coatings contain extremely few solvents and are water-borne.

Enough reasons to apply the coatings from recoat for the perfect maintenance of your surfaces.

Recoat only produces the coatings, see our applicators for applying them. Do you have specific questions about the coatings? Contact us or fill in our contact form.