Anti Graffiti paint from Recoat

Are you fed up with the damage caused by graffiti? Is that why you are looking for Anti Graffiti paint? Then you are at the right place at Recoat. Have our Anti Graffiti coating applied. This coating has been developed with the aim of reducing the nuisance of graffiti. How can this be done? The coating permanently protects surfaces against graffiti.

The graffiti paint adheres less easily to the surface, so that this paint can easily be removed. This is because only a spray and a cloth are required for the complete removal of the paint. In addition, the removal can be done by anyone without the need for large equipment. The result? You can immediately respond to pollution caused by graffiti. Curious about even more benefits of this coating? Then read on.


In addition to the possibility to easily remove graffiti, this Anti Graffiti paint offers even more benefits. The coating is dirt and water repellent. In addition, the coating also contains UV blockers. This means that weathering due to weather conditions is a thing of the past. Through the treatment with the Recoat Anti Graffiti paint the condition and color of the surface are restored. The surface looks like new again and will continue to look like this. As a result, the replacement investment can be postponed or is even no longer required.

The biggest advantage is the considerable savings on the management and maintenance costs when you have your surfaces treated with this coating. Because not only replacement, but also frequent maintenance and the hiring of large equipment for maintenance is superfluous.

Would you like to see the benefits of this Anti Graffiti paint with your own eyes? Then look here.

Anti Graffiti paint
Anti Graffiti paint


The Anti Graffiti paint from Recoat is a transparent coating. This clear coat is available in two variants. You can choose between a matt and a shiny variant. You choose the coating that best suits the surface you want to be treated. Whichever coating you choose, both variants are suitable for almost any surface. Only breathable surfaces are not suitable for treatment with this coating. Think of wood outside. This is because the Anti Graffiti coating does not let water vapor through.


The coatings from Recoat, including the Anti Graffiti paints, are a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative for maintaining surfaces. This is because the coatings contain extremely few solvents and they are water-borne.

Do you no longer want image damage as a result of graffiti on your surfaces? And do you want to save a lot of costs? Let your surfaces be treated with the coatings from Recoat.

Recoat only produces the coatings, see our applicators for applying them. Do you have specific questions about the coatings? Contact us or fill in our contact form.