Anti slip coating

A floor or surface that quickly becomes slippery? Recoat has developed an anti-slip coating. This is a floor coating with anti-slip effect. The anti-slip comes into effect when the treated floor becomes wet or damp. This prevents slipperiness and reduces the chance of people slipping. This coating is good protection for many types of floors. Think of galleries, roads, floors in station halls and platforms. Almost all surfaces can be treated with this floor coating. Only surfaces that do not allow water vapor to pass through are not suitable for treatment, such as wood outside.

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Recoat has developed an anti-slip floor coating that permanently protects your floors. The original color and condition of the floor is restored and further wear and tear is prevented. In addition, the coating is dirt and water-repellent. Your floors are permanently protected against water, dirt, wear and weathering. This makes your floors last longer and the cleaning frequency drops.

Floors such as galleries and roads weathering, quickly get dirty or discolour with time. The area no longer looks clean. Floors are affected by moss, algae and soot particles. This can be prevented with the Recoat floor coating. This transparent coating ensures that dirt no longer adheres to the substrate.

Anti slip coating
Anti slip coating


The coating not only prevents slippery but also protects your floors, so that they stay clean longer. Less maintenance is required, which reduces the cleaning frequency. In addition, a floor is repaired for a long time, which makes replacement of this floor unnecessary. Your management and maintenance costs decrease considerably if you have your floors treated with this anti-slip floor coating.

In addition to all the benefits for costs and smoothness, this coating is also sustainable and environmentally friendly. The coating contains extremely few solvents and is water-borne. An environmentally friendly alternative compared to other coatings.


We are happy to help you make the maintenance of your floors easier and cheaper with the help of our Recoat Floor. Do you have specific questions about one of our coatings? View our website or contact us by filling in our contact form.

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