Apply anti graffiti coating

Are you looking for someone who can apply an Anti Graffiti coating? Recoat is a producer of a number of very revolutionary coatings. They are innovative ways of maintaining surfaces. They are transparent coatings that are suitable for treating almost all surfaces. Only breathable surfaces are not suitable for treatment with one of our coatings. This is because the coatings do not allow water vapor to pass through. We have developed transparent varnishes with special purposes such as the Anti Graffiti coating.

Recoat is only a producer of these coatings. But we work together with a number of applicators who specialize in applying our Anti Graffiti coatings. A number of these applicators even make exclusive use of the coatings from Recoat. Select your applicator here.


Our revolutionary coatings permanently protect surfaces against dirt, water and weathering. The condition and color of a surface are restored and the surface looks like new again. And this is how the surface continues to look. This reduces the cleaning frequency and makes replacement of a surface superfluous. You save considerably on management and maintenance costs. In addition, our coatings are also a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative for maintaining surfaces. This is because the coatings contain extremely few solvents and because they are water based. In addition, a substrate does not need to be sanded for treatment. Only cleaning with a spray and a cloth is sufficient.

Apply anti graffiti coating
Apply anti graffiti coating


The Anti Graffiti coatings from Recoat are all transparent, but there are two options. This way you can choose from a high gloss coating. This is the Anti Graffiti Coating Gloss. This is a very high-quality clear 2k Anti graffiti high-gloss lacquer for both inside and outside. But we have also developed a matte version. This is the Anti Graffiti Coating Mat. This is a 2k Anti Graffiti matte varnish for both inside and outside. Both variants are highly dirt and water-repellent and therefore ensure that you will never again be bothered by graffiti pollution.


Recoat only produces the coatings, view our applicators before applying them. Do you have specific questions about the coatings? Contact us or complete our contact form.