Cleaning graffiti

View the Recoat product videos here and see with your own eyes how many benefits this coating brings. It can be that simple.


The Anti Graffiti coating makes it possible to clean graffiti in a very simple way. After the substrate has been treated with this revolutionary coating, the substrate is permanently protected against dirt, water and weathering. Due to the coating, the graffiti adheres to the substrate less easily, which means that cleaning the graffiti hardly takes any effort. You only need a spray and a cloth to remove the graffiti and it can be done by anyone.

Recoat develops and produces various coatings but does not apply them yourself, you can contact one of our applicators for this. Enjoy the many benefits that it brings. Because in addition to the easy cleaning of graffiti, the coating ensures that the color and state of your surface are restored so that the surface looks like new again. In addition, you also contribute to the discouragement policy. When a graffiti painter sees that his or her graffiti is removed quickly, he or she will not return to the same place.

Cleaning graffiti
Cleaning graffiti


The biggest advantage of applying the Anti Graffiti coating? Significant savings on your maintenance costs. How does this come about? The cleaning frequency of a treated substrate is many times lower than the cleaning frequency of an untreated substrate. Maintenance or replacement becomes unnecessary. In addition, everyone can easily remove graffiti and pollution. Applying the Anti Graffiti coating is also a very sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative for the maintenance of surfaces. The coating is water-based and contains extremely few solvents. In addition, much less maintenance and cleaning is required, so that fewer harmful substances are released.


Recoat only produces the coatings, view our applicators before applying them. Do you have specific questions about the coatings? Contact us or complete our contact form.