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Are you looking for a coating company in Nijmegen? Then Recoat is the place for you! Recoat itself is based in Ravenstein, but our coatings are used internationally. In addition, we have applicators that are located throughout the Netherlands and also come to apply the coating in Nijmegen, because Recoat is only a producer of the coatings. To apply one of our coatings, it is important to contact one of our applicators. They are specialized in applying our coatings.

You can come to us for various types of coatings such as Anti Graffiti Coatings, floor coatings, concrete coatings and coatings for walls. Almost all of our coatings can be used both indoors and outdoors and are especially suitable for stations, airports, trains, station halls, electrical boxes and traffic signs.

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Recoat products become as much as possible according to the principle of “green chemistry” The anti-slip coating contains extremely few solvents and is water-borne. An environmentally friendly alternative compared to other coatings. In addition, the substrate does not have to be sanded before applying the coating, so that no harmful substances are released as a result of sanding. Finally, the lifetime of the substrates is extended indefinitely. This ensures that raw materials and material are saved, which should normally be produced to replace the substrates.

Coating company Nijmegen
Coating company Nijmegen


Enjoy lower management and maintenance costs. A significant cost saving that sounds good right? This is because the coating permanently protects substrates against dirt, water and weathering. This reduces the cleaning frequency. In addition, the color and condition of the substrate are restored, which extends the life of the floor. This means that replacement is no longer necessary.

Wij zijn voortdurend bezig met het ontwikkelen van nieuwe coatings en het verbeteren van onze huidige coatings zodat we u altijd kunnen helpen met het permanent beschermen van uw ondergronden.


To apply the coatings, you must contact one of our applicators. Do you have product specific questions or would you like more information? Mail us or fill out our contact form on the website.

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