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Are you looking for a coating company in Ravenstein? Then look for Recoat! Recoat is a company that specializes in the development and production of revolutionary coatings. We are based in Ravenstein, but our coatings are used internationally. We work solution-focused on sustainable coatings for different surfaces. We are constantly busy developing new coatings and improving our current coatings. It is a collaboration between different companies in which we collaborate with chemists and maintenance specialists. Together we have no less than 100 years of experience in the chemical and maintenance industry.

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We work closely together with the aim of developing sustainable and environmentally friendly coatings that are suitable for application in various industries. Think of public places, station halls, traffic signs, electricity boxes and airports. Why our coatings are sustainable and environmentally friendly? The coatings are developed according to a “green chemistry” method. They contain extremely few solvents and are water-based. We save the environment because replacement of, for example, plastic or aluminum façade elements can be postponed or adjusted. Moreover, the application of our products leads to a significantly longer cleaning intensity, which of course is also good for the environment.

Coating company Ravenstein
Coating company Ravenstein


Recoat develops various types of revolutionary coatings. For example, we have developed the Anti Graffiti Coatings in a matte and glossy version. These coatings protect surfaces against contamination by graffiti. After treatment, graffiti can be cleaned very easily, saving many costs. In addition, we have also developed the Recoat Floor. This is a floor coating with anti-slip effect. This coating not only protects floors, but it also prevents a floor from becoming slippery when wet.

Het grootste voordeel van het toepassen van de coatings van coatingbedrijf Ravenstein? Aanzienlijke besparing op uw onderhoudskosten. Hoe dit komt? De reinigingsfrequentie van een behandelde ondergrond is vele malen lager dan de reinigingsfrequentie van een niet behandelde ondergrond. Onderhoud of vervanging wordt overbodig.


To apply the coatings, you must contact one of our applicators. Do you have product specific questions or would you like more information? Mail us or fill out our contact form on the website.

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