Coating company the Netherlands Recoat

Recoat is a coating company specialized in the development of various types of coatings. We produce our own coatings but do not apply the coatings, for this we have our own applicators. We develop coatings aimed at maintaining surfaces. As a coating company we produce the following types of coatings, among others: Anti Graffiti coatings, concrete coatings and floor coatings for both inside and outside.

Recoat was established with the aim of keeping the environment better clean. Thanks to our many years of experience in the maintenance sector, we know better than anyone how annoying it is when a clean environment is polluted by graffiti, game slabs, moss, algae and soot particles. Or that this environment is affected by various weather influences. We would like to prevent this irritation with permanent protection. The ultimate goal is a cleaner environment! Do you also want a clean environment? Contact us now!

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Recoat develops exclusive coatings for two reasons. Firstly, these coatings are sustainable and environmentally friendly. They contain extremely few solvents and are water-borne. Secondly, surfaces do not have to be sanded for treatment with one of these coatings. This prevents harmful substances from being released as a result of sanding.

Another important reason is the innovative nature of these coatings. After your substrate has been treated with one of these coatings, it is permanently protected. The color and condition of the substrate are restored and protected against further wear. In addition, the transparent coatings are dirt and water repellent.

Coating company the Netherlands
Coating company the Netherlands


As a coating company, an important goal is to reduce management and maintenance costs. We know from our experience that maintenance costs can run high. Do you want to lower your maintenance costs? Then have your surfaces treated with a coating. Your surfaces are permanently protected against pollution, water and weathering, which reduces the cleaning frequency. Frequent maintenance and replacement are superfluous and thus the management and maintenance costs fall considerably! An important reason for us as a coating company to develop coatings in the Netherlands is the sustainability and environmental friendliness of these coatings. They contain extremely little solvent and are water-borne. It is an environmentally friendly alternative compared to other coatings.


To apply the coatings, you must contact one of our applicators. Do you have product specific questions or would you like more information? Mail us or fill out our contact form on the website.

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