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Recoat is the producer of innovative and revolutionary coatings. Recoat is a coating company that develops coatings based on demand in the market. Through our years of experience in the maintenance industry, we see problems with the maintenance of surfaces. Based on this experience, we started developing solutions for the problems in the area of maintenance. A number of revolutionary coatings have already emerged from this. As a coating company, we are constantly working on improving our coatings and producing new coatings. We do this based on problems we encounter in the maintenance of substrates.

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Recoat is a sustainable and environmentally friendly coating company where corporate social responsibility has high priority. The coatings of Recoat are all water-based and contain extremely little solvent. In addition, the lifespan of a surface is extended indefinitely thanks to our coatings. This prevents the need to replace a substrate and therefore also the production of raw materials that are necessary for replacement.

Finally, no frequent maintenance is required for keeping a substrate clean. The cleaning frequency drops.

Coating company
Coating company


With the coatings from coating company Recoat, different surfaces can be protected against weathering, weather influences, water and dirt. Surface areas wear-out and are polluted by graffiti, wild plaques, dirt, water, algae, moss and soot particles. As a result, the environment no longer looks clean and this leads to image damage.

We have developed transparent coatings for the protection of floors, sound walls, trains, station halls, real estate, concrete, façade cladding, artworks and steel. These surfaces are permanently protected against dirt, water and wear after treatment. This makes frequent maintenance and replacement unnecessary. Our coatings are financially attractive because they lead to lower management and maintenance costs. Very interesting for infrastructure, civil engineering and real estate.


Recoat develops coatings but does not apply them. Our coatings are applied by our applicators. There are a number of applicators that we work with, they use and apply our coatings.


To apply the coatings, you must contact one of our applicators. Do you have product specific questions or would you like more information? Mail us or fill out our contact form on the website.

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