A coating floor from Recoat

A coating floor is the solution if you want to protect your floors against damage and pollution. The Recoat Floor is a floor coating that permanently protects floors against dirt, water and weathering. Think of adhesion of moss, algae and soot particles. It is a matte, transparent coating that is suitable for almost all types of floors. Think of concrete substrates, many types of natural stone, steel treads, marmoleum, PVC floors and floor coatings from other manufacturers. Only wooden floors outside can not be treated with the floor coating since this coating does not allow water vapor to pass through.

Do you also want a coating floor and are you curious about the benefits? Find out by reading further.


Treatment with the floor coating from Recoat offers many advantages. The biggest advantage is the cost savings. Floors are permanently protected after treatment against various types of damage and pollution. As a result, frequent cleaning has become redundant so that the cleaning frequency drops. In addition, the replacement of floors is also no longer necessary. After all, the life span of a subsurface is extended, so that the replacement investment can be postponed or even no longer required.

In addition, Recoat’s revolutionary floor coating has a unique feature. This is the anti-slip effect of the coating. This anti slip starts to work when the floor comes into contact with water. This prevents slippage on for example roads and galleries but this also ensures that the treated floor is very easy to clean.

Coating floor
Coating floor


The Recoat Floor has been developed according to the green chemistry method of Recoat. This makes it a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative for maintaining all types of floors. The floor coating contains extremely few solvents and is water-borne. By having your floors treated with our floor coating you contribute to a more environmentally friendly society. This is due not only to the composition of the product, but to the entire treatment process. For example, sanding is not necessary for treatment, so no harmful substances are released as a result of sanding. In addition, the lifespan of a floor is extended, so replacement can be postponed. So no new raw materials need to be produced that are needed for replacement.


Would you like more information about a coating floor from Recoat or are you interested in this product? Recoat only develops coatings, view our applicators, they apply the coatings of Recoat. For specific product information, please contact us via info@recoat.eu or by calling: 0486-414166.