Recoat Concrete coating outside

Are you looking for a concrete coating for outside? Recoat has developed a coating specially developed for concrete outside. For this we use the Recoat Concrete. This is a transparent, matte coating. Recoat produces innovative coatings for all types of concrete, both inside and outside. Exclusive coatings that we do not apply ourselves, but this is done by our applicators.

The concrete coating for outside is mainly interesting for office buildings, sound walls, bridges and all types of concrete within the real estate, infrastructure and civil engineering. For example, we work for schools, governments, hospitals and large companies that consider it important that the building in which they work always looks clean. In this way they do not cause damage to their image as a result of a dirty environment.

In addition to a concrete coating for outside, also looking for a concrete coating for inside? We also developed the concrete coating for indoors. In this way all your concrete is protected against external influences.

View the Recoat Concrete coating here.

Recoat Concrete coating hier.


Why would you apply a concrete coating? The Recoat Concrete brings many benefits. Where concrete is normally quickly damaged, treatment with the coating ensures that this is prevented. Whether this is damage due to dirt, moss, algae and soot particles or wear due to weather influences, this is all prevented when you apply this coating.

In addition, the concrete coating is dirt and water-repellent on the outside and contains UV blockers. This means that weathering and discoloration due to the sun is no longer an issue. The color and condition of the concrete outside will be restored and your concrete will look and feel like new again.

Concrete coating outside
Concrete coating outside


After treatment with the concrete coating outside, the concrete is permanently protected against contamination and wear. Cleaning a surface becomes much easier. In addition, much less maintenance and cleaning is required since the concrete is dirt and water-repellent. As a result of permanent protection, replacement has also become superfluous. Less maintenance and less replacement leads to considerable savings on your management and maintenance costs.

The coatings from Recoat are sustainable and environmentally friendly. This also applies to the concrete coating for outside. This concrete coating contains extremely few solvents and is water-based. In addition, less cleaning, maintenance and replacement are required for the concrete, so that fewer harmful substances are released here.


We are happy to help you make the maintenance of concrete surfaces easier and cheaper with the help of our Recoat Concrete. Do you have specific questions about one of our coatings? View our website or contact us by filling in our contact form.