Concrete floor coating

Are you looking for a way to maintain your concrete floor? Recoat has the solution for protecting and maintaining concrete floors. Have these floors treated with our special concrete floor coating. The Recoat Concrete coating is a very revolutionary coating with unique properties. This coating ensures that concrete floors are permanently protected against various types of pollution and damage. Do you want to know how concrete floors are protected by the Recoat coating and what the benefits are of this treatment? Then read on.


The most important unique feature of this coating is the anti-slip effect. The concrete floor coating is therefore not just a floor coating, but it also prevents slipping on roads and galleries, for example. The anti-slip comes into effect when the concrete floor comes into contact with water. It is a transparent, matte coating that is suitable for concrete floors both inside and outside. Do you want to know the benefits of this coating? We explain that below.

Concrete floor coating
Concrete floor coating


Have your concrete floor treated with a special concrete floor coating and enjoy lower management and maintenance costs. A significant cost saving that sounds good right? This is because the coating permanently protects concrete floors against dirt, water and weathering. This reduces the cleaning frequency. In addition, the color and condition of the substrate are restored, which extends the life of the floor. This means that replacement is no longer necessary. Another important advantage is that this is a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of maintaining a concrete floor. This is because the Recoat Concrete contains extremely few solvents and is produced on a water basis. It is also not necessary to sand the floor in advance, so that fewer harmful substances are released.

Recoat is only a producer of the coatings. We work together with a few very good applicators who apply the coating.


We are happy to help you make the maintenance of concrete surfaces easier and cheaper with the help of our Recoat Concrete. Do you have specific questions about one of our coatings? View our website or contact us by filling in our contact form.