Dirt-repellent coating from Recoat

Are you tired of dirt on walls, floors, sound walls, trains, public buildings, road signs and electricity boxes? Recoat has the solution: a revolutionary, dirt-repellent coating. We have years of experience with this problem within the maintenance industry. For years, we have been irritated by buildings and sound walls that are polluted by, for example, adhesion of moss, algae and soot particles. This irritation is finally over. We have developed a product that protects surfaces against pollution. But having a surface treated with our dirt-repellent coating has many more advantages. Are you wondering which? Then read on.


Besides the fact that the coating is dirt-repellent, and with this the adhesion of moss, algae and soot particles are a thing of the past, there are even more advantages. The coating is also water-repellent. This makes water damage a thing of the past. The coating also contains UV blockers. This ensures that discoloration and weathering caused by weather influences no longer cause problems. In addition, it provides you with a lot of benefit for your budget and profit and loss account. Thanks to the advantages mentioned above, frequent cleaning after treatment is unnecessary. This reduces the cleaning frequency and thus reduces maintenance costs.

Finally, the dirt-repellent coating of Recoat is also sustainable and environmentally friendly. The coating contains extremely few solvents and is water-borne. In addition, it extends the life of a surface. Also, a surface does not have to be sanded before treatment with this coating.

Dirt-repellent coating
Dirt-repellent coating


The dirt-repellent coating is suitable for almost any surface. Think of concrete substrates, many types of natural stone, steel treads, marmoleum, PVC floors and coatings from other manufacturers. Only breathable surfaces are not suitable for treatment with our dirt-repellent coatings. You can think of wood outside such as window frames and decking.

Recoat has developed various types of dirt-repellent coatings especially for different purposes. All these coatings are dirt and water repellent. At Recoat you will find coatings specifically designed to prevent the adhesion of graffiti as much as possible, a coating with anti-slip effect intended for the treatment of various types of floors, a coating for the protection of concrete and a coating especially for walls indoors.


Would you like more information about the dirt-repellent coating from Recoat or are you interested in this product? Recoat only develops coatings, view our applicators, they apply the coatings. For specific product information, please contact info@recoat.eu or by calling: 0486-414166.