Do you want to prevent damage to your image as a result of contaminated infrastructure and real estate? Recoat has the solution, namely a dirt-resistant coating. This ensures that common irritation and image damage due to buildings and public places that look dirty are a thing of the past. When it comes to pollution, you can think of soot particles, moss and algae. To prevent this pollution, we have developed a dirt-resistant coating. This coating ensures that dirt no longer adheres to the substrate. As a result, frequent maintenance is superfluous and surfaces continue to look as good as new. Do you want to know more about the benefits of this coating? Then read on.


In addition to preventing contamination, the coating also prevents water damage and damage caused by weathering. The coating is not only dirt-repellent, but also water-repellent. In addition, the coating contains UV blockers. As a result, weathering and discolouration due to different weather influences are a thing of the past.

Recoat has produced different types of coatings, all of which have previous advantages. They are transparent coatings that can be applied on almost any surface. The coating alone is not suitable for breathable surfaces. All coatings that we produce are dirt-resistant coatings. Which is the most suitable? We are happy to advise you. We have glossy and matte coatings for both inside and outside. Even the use of a dirt-repellent, anti-graffiti coating is possible. Read on and find out why it is best to choose Recoat coatings.

Dirt-resistant coating
Dirt-resistant coating


The most important reason is the saving on your management and maintenance costs. Because as mentioned above, the dirt-repellent coating has many advantages. For example, less maintenance is needed after treatment and the replacement investment can be postponed. This ensures a considerable saving on your maintenance costs. The dirt-resistant coatings that we develop are sustainable and environmentally friendly. They have been developed according to green chemistry. This means that the coatings contain extremely few solvents and are water-borne. Less harmful substances are also released. This is because no new raw materials need to be produced to replace the substrate. But this is also because the substrate does not have to be sanded for treatment with one of our coatings.


Would you like more information about the dirt-repellent coating from Recoat or are you interested in this product? Recoat only develops coatings, view our applicators, they apply the coatings. For specific product information, please contact info@recoat.eu or by calling: 0486-414166.