Durable anti-graffiti paint from Recoat

The environment polluted by graffiti? For this Recoat has developed a permanent Anti Graffiti paint. The Recoat Anti Graffiti paint is a matte or high gloss, transparent coating developed to keep the environment cleaner. The Recoat Anti Graffiti paint makes it easier for graffiti to adhere to a surface. This makes it very easy to remove the graffiti with the Recoat Graffiti Remover.

Recoat Anti Graffiti can be applied both indoors and outdoors on a variety of surfaces: such as concrete, many types of plastics, metals, wall tiles, natural stone, cladding and brick slips. It cannot be applied to breathable surfaces such as wood outside, as this coating does not allow water vapor to pass through. It is an odorless coating that prevents residents from experiencing the coating. After treatment, the substrate is resistant to rain again after half an hour.

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Recoat is only a producer of the various coatings. We are constantly developing the coatings but do not apply them ourselves. We work together with a number of carefully selected applicators. They are specialized in applying our coatings.

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After applying the paint you need special people to remove the graffiti. This can be done with a spray and a cloth and can therefore be done by everyone.

It saves you a lot of costs when surfaces are treated with this coating. No special people are needed to remove the graffiti, it can happen quickly and no large equipment is needed. Roads therefore do not have to be turned off.

Durable anti-graffiti paint
Durable anti-graffiti paint


This coating contains extremely few solvents and is water-borne, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative in comparison with other coatings. Recoat products are developed and produced as much as possible according to the “green chemistry” principle. The lifespan of a surface is extended indefinitely, so that further treatment or replacement is unnecessary. This saves energy and raw materials that would be needed for treatment and replacement.


Recoat only produces the coatings, view our applicators before applying them. Do you have specific questions about the coatings? Contact us or complete our contact form.