Recoat Floor coating Nijmegen

The Recoat Floor has been specially developed for maintaining different types of floors. It is a matte, transparent coating. The Recoat Floor is a floor coating with anti-slip without the floor becoming rough. This makes the floor easy to clean. The anti-slip effect starts when the floor gets wet.

Recoat has developed an anti-slip floor coating that permanently protects your floors. The original color and condition of the floor is restored and further wear and tear is prevented. In addition, the anti-slip coating is dirt and water-repellent. Your floors are permanently protected against water, dirt, wear and weathering. This makes your floors last longer and the cleaning frequency drops.


Recoat is the developer of the Recoat Floor. We are constantly developing and producing new coatings primarily based on demand from the maintenance sector. We ourselves have many years of experience in the maintenance sector and we were very frustrated with the pollution of floors that could be seen in the area. That is the reason that we started developing coatings. But we do not apply the coating ourselves. For this we work together with carefully selected applicators. They are specialized in applying our floor coating.

Recoat itself is based in Ravenstein, but our coatings are used internationally. In addition, we have applicators that are located throughout the Netherlands and also come to apply the coating in Nijmegen.

Floor coating Nijmegen
Floor coating Nijmegen


The Recoat Floor can be applied both indoors and outdoors on various surfaces. It can be applied to concrete surfaces, many types of natural stone, steel treads, marmoleum, PVC floors and floor coatings from other manufacturers. Because the floor coating of Recoat is not permeable to water vapor, it cannot be applied to breathable surfaces such as wooden floors outside and terrace tiles.

The floor coating adheres well and is easy to apply. The treated floor can be walked on again after 1 to 2 hours and after half an hour the surface is already resistant to rain. It is a financially attractive and sustainable alternative to floor maintenance. You save considerably on management and maintenance costs when floors are treated with the Recoat Floor.


We are happy to help you make maintenance of your floors easier and cheaper with the help of our Recoat Floor. Do you have specific questions about one of our coatings? View our website or contact us by filling in our contact form.

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