Recoat Floor coating Ravenstein

Looking for coatings for coating your floors? Recoat specializes in the development of revolutionary floor coatings. We produce these floor coatings since that brings many benefits. The floor coating that we have developed is suitable for many different types of surfaces. This includes roads, galleries, station halls, hospital floors and other floors in public spaces or public places. The coating is primarily interesting for real estate, civil engineering and infrastructure.

The Recoat Floor is very suitable for coating a floor. This is a transparent floor coating suitable for almost all types of floors. This coating does not allow water vapor to pass through, so floors that require water vapor are not suitable for treatment. Think of wood outside. Our applicators make exclusive use of the coatings from Recoat due to the innovative nature of these coatings.


Recoat has an innovative floor coating that brings many benefits. A very big advantage is the anti-slip effect. There is an anti-slip effect in the coating, which prevents slippery and risk of slipping without roughening the floor. The anti-slip effect starts to work as soon as the floor gets wet.

But there are still several advantages to this floor coating. This coating is, for example, dirt and water resistant. This prevents contamination of the floor and a floor always looks clean. In addition, the coating contains UV blockers, preventing weathering and discolouration as a result of the sun.

Floor coating Ravenstein
Floor coating Ravenstein


One of the biggest advantages that the floor coating brings is the considerable savings on your management and maintenance costs. Because pollution and weathering are prevented, less cleaning and maintenance is required. In addition, replacement of the floor is no longer necessary. This is because there is no longer any wear or damage. The coatings from Recoat are also produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. The coatings from Recoat contain extremely few solvents and they are water-borne. And because replacement is superfluous, it is not necessary to produce harmful raw materials that are normally used to replace a substrate.


We are happy to help you make maintenance of your floors easier and cheaper with the help of our Recoat Floor. Do you have specific questions about one of our coatings? View our website or contact us by filling in our contact form.

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