Graffiti coating

Are you looking for a way to prevent graffiti pollution? Then Recoat is the right place for you. We develop special, revolutionary coatings that ensure that graffiti pollution is a thing of the past. How does this come about? The graffiti adheres less easily to the surface after treatment, making it easy to clean with just a spray and a cloth. Trains, viaducts and noise barriers are often the target of graffiti painters, much to the dismay of many. You do not want buildings, viaducts or public places to be polluted by graffiti. The solution is to apply the Anti Graffiti Coating.

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The application of our products contributes to the discouragement policy. Everyone can easily clean graffiti without having to take any major measures. A proven discouragement policy is created. When the graffiti gun sees that his or her graffiti and tags are quickly removed at the same spot, that spot will not be selected again by the graffiti gun. This is because you can respond quickly and do not first have to initiate large processes to remove the graffiti or plaque posters. All this results in considerably lower management and maintenance costs!

Graffiti coating
Graffiti coating


Recoat produces two different types of graffiti coatings. These are the Anti Graffiti Coating Gloss and the Anti Graffiti Coating Mat. Both two very high-quality lacquers, one with a high gloss finish and the other with a matte finish. The rest of the properties are almost the same. The coatings are transparent, water and dirt-repellent, they can be applied over existing paint layers, they can be painted over after 30 minutes, are rust-resistant and highly chemical, UV-resistant and UV-resistant. In addition, they are also extremely durable because they contain extremely few solvents and are water-based.


Recoat only produces the coatings, view our applicators before applying them. Do you have specific questions about the coatings? Contact us or complete our contact form.