Recoat outer wall coating

Protect outer walls against wear and damage caused by algae, moss, dirt, soot particles and weather influences? Recoat has developed a coating especially for exterior walls. This is a transparent coating that is available in both a glossy and a matt finish. The coating can be applied to almost any surface as long as it is not a breathable surface. Think of wooden walls outside. Applying the coating brings many benefits. For example, outer walls are permanently protected against wear after treatment. This is because the coating is dirt and water resistant. In addition, the coating contains UV blockers so that weather influences do not get a chance to cause damage.

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We develop coatings, but we do not apply them to Recoat ourselves. For this we have our carefully selected applicators. The coatings from Recoat are very revolutionary and adhere quickly. In addition, they are easy to process and after treatment, the substrate is easy to clean. The cleaning of the walls can be done by anyone and this does not require large equipment. No large equipment is required for applying the coating either, which means that road and road barriers are not required.

Outer wall coating
Outer wall coating


The main reason for the coatings from Recoat is the significant savings on your maintenance costs that it generates. The cleaning frequency drops considerably after coating the outer walls. In addition, the outer wall is permanently protected against all forms of wear, making replacement unnecessary. This saves you a lot of costs. In addition, we only develop coatings that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Corporate social responsibility is an important spearhead for our company. The coatings contain extremely few solvents and are water-borne. In addition, the prior sanding of a substrate is not necessary, so that no harmful substances are released.

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Recoat itself is only a producer of the coatings and does not apply this. Have you become enthusiastic? You can contact one of our applicators for applying one of the coatings. Are you interested in applying our products or have specific questions about the product? Contact us or complete our contact form.