Plastic coating from Recoat

Are you looking for a coating that protects plastic and prevents damage? Recoat has developed a plastic coating that even offers permanent protection. It offers protection not only against damage, but also against dirt such as moss, algae and soot particles, water and weathering. A plastic surface remains protected against external influences. This makes frequent maintenance unnecessary. You no longer have to worry about this. The coatings that we produce are very suitable for different spaces and buildings. This includes station halls, public transport, public buildings and sound barriers. We provide protection for plastics both indoors and outdoors.

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All plastic coatings are transparent lacquers. We apply different variants. For example, there is a coating especially for interior spaces. You also have the choice of a matte or glossy varnish. And finally, we also apply a glossy or matte coating with an anti-graffiti effect. Which plastic coating is best for your surface? We are happy to help you make this choice!
Plastic coating
Plastic coating


Why choose a plastic coating from Recoat? The biggest advantage is the saving on your management and maintenance costs. This is because frequent maintenance becomes unnecessary after treatment. In addition, the plastic is permanently protected, so replacement is no longer necessary. The replacement investment can be postponed or even wiped off completely. The coatings from Recoat are all very durable and environmentally friendly. Not only because replacement of the substrate is no longer necessary, but also because of the composition of the coating. The coatings namely contain very few solvents and are water-borne. In addition, a substrate does not have to be sanded in advance, so that no harmful substances are released as a result of sanding a substrate.


Recoat is only a producer of the coatings, we do not apply any coatings ourselves. For this we work together with our applicators. They are responsible for applying the coatings.

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