Floor One XS

  • Exstra Strong
  • Extemely durable and wear-resistant
  • Suitable for almost all substrates where high anti-slip value is required, e.g. public buildings and toilet groups.
  • Very good chemical resistance 
  • Very high anti-slip value R12
  • High efficiency 12-15 m2/L
  • Contains bio-based isocyanates and recycled raw materials
  • No odour nuisance
  • Very easy to process
  • For indoor en outdoor use
  • Easy to clean
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Recoat Floor One XS is highly durable, water-borne, non-yellowing, transparent silk matt 2k floor coating for indoor and outdoor use. 

Recoat Floor One XS has excellent adhesion, flow, high efficiency and is very tough, scratch and wear resistant. 

As a result, the coating protects against dirt adhesion and is very easy to clean.  This makes frequent maintenance unnecessary.

Application area

Recoat Floor One XS can be used for almost all types of floors, linoleum, Plastic floors, concrete floors, including wooden floors. Recoat Floor XS is not permeable to water vapour and therefore not applicable on breathable substrates. This coating can also be used in wet areas. (no constant moisture load)

The advice is to always first put a test on the relevant surface. 

The coating has been developed as a top layer for Recoat Multi primer or Recoat Stix. 

For long-term maintenance of the system, we recommend using Recoat Floor Cleaner for cleaning.

Additional information



Mixed volume



Clear waterborne 2K polyurethane coating free of Isocyanate



Mix ratio

7 : 1 (Recoat base : Recoat hardener). Stir base mechanical before adding hardener for 1 minute. Mix base and hardener mechanical (min 3 min.) without adding water. Then add 20% water and mix again for 3 minutes.


Approx. 12 m2 – 15 m2 / liter Is practical per litre of applied product. The output depends on the application method, roughness, structure and porosity of the substrate.

Gloss strength

Matt 10 GU

Potlife at 20°C

2 to 3 hours

Relative humidity

A maximum of 80%

Application temperature

10 – 30 °C

Application by means of

Brush, Microfibre roller 8-9 mm

VOC content

42 g/L. The product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. EU limit for this product (catA/d): 140 g/L

Approximate specific density

1,1 KG/L

Volume fixed percentage


Drying at 20 °C

Walkable after 12 hours (canbear light loads after 12-18 hours/ heavy loads (furniture) after 72 hours, Dust dry after 20 min, Cleanable after 7 days, Thumb-tight after 1 hours


Wear gloves and ensure sufficient ventilation


Minimum 7 days at a constant temperature of 20 °C. For the first 7 days, do NOT cover the floor, e.g. with rugs or cardboard in connection with hardening and drying.

Cleaning materials

Recoat Floor Cleaner, Recoat Cleaner, Water


Temperature during storage, transport and application minimum 5° C and maximum 30°C at a relative humidity of Maximum 85%


Water 10% First properly mix the base and the hardener mechanical (min. 3 min). Then add water and mix again.

Storage stability

A maximum of 24 months in case of dry storage and a temperature of 5°C to 30°C.


Clean with Recoat Floor Cleaner diluted 1:50 to 1:100


SDS - EU - Floor One XS
TDS - EN - Floor One XS


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