Recoat – Stix

  • Optimal adhesion
  • Seals the substrate
  • Easy to apply
  • Quickly dry
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Recoat Stix ensures optimal adhesion, seals the substrate, restores colours and is ideal for the preparation of metals and powder coated surfaces.
Recoat Stix is an adhesion promotor and sealer in one, ensures the coating system is closed, and enhances the optical finish. Recoat Stix is suitable for practically all hard substrates, as well internal as external. Recoat Stix must always be topcoated with a finish coat.

Recoat Stix preferably is applied with a microfibre cloth. This prevents splashes and spilling material. Application by roller or brush is possible as well.

Recoat Stix reduces consumption of the finish coat and delivers an optimal end result.
Avoid working in direct sunlight, in connection with the fast curing capabilities.

Application area

Recoat Stix is suitable for practically all hard substrates such as metals, many types of plastics, glass and ceramics.
Recoat Stix dries very quickly (ca. 10min.) enabling to apply the topcoat at very short notice.

Additional information




Clear waterborne primer on acrylate basis




Approx. 60 m2 – 80 m2 / liter The output depends on the application method, roughness, structure and porosity of the substrate.

Gloss strength

Semi Gloss GU

Relative humidity

A maximum of 80%

Application temperature

10 – 30 °C

Application by means of

Brush, Felt roller, Microfiber cloth

VOC content

7 g/l. The product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. EU-limit for this product: 140 g/l.

Approximate specific density

1,02 KG/L

Volume fixed percentage


Drying at 20 °C

Dry to recoat after appr. 10 minutes.


Wear gloves and ensure sufficient ventilation

Cleaning materials

Recoat Cleaner, Water


Temperature during storage, transport and application minimum 5° C and maximum 30°C at a relative humidity of Maximum 85%


Ready to use

Storage stability

A maximum of 24 months in case of dry storage and a temperature of 5°C to 30°C.


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