Are you looking for a way to protect floors and walls against dirt? Then a protective coating from Recoat is the solution. Recoat produces various types of protective coatings that ensure that you can save a lot of costs. The coatings that we develop are especially suitable for, for example, station halls, airports, trains and public places.

As said, Recoat produces different types of coatings and these all have a protective effect. This includes concrete coatings, floor coatings with an anti-slip effect and various types of anti-graffiti coatings. All these coatings are transparent and protect against dirt, algae, moss and soot particles. But they also contain a UV blocker. This means that the coating is also protected against weather influences and especially those from the sun.


The coatings from Recoat permanently repair and protect your substrate. The surface becomes dirt and water resistant. The coatings from Recoat are water-based, contain virtually no solvent, are economical to use and durable. In addition, they are easy to process and can be used on almost any surface. And all without having to sand. We are constantly developing new coatings and improving our current coatings so that we can always help you with the permanent protection of your surfaces. Recoat products are developed and produced as much as possible according to the “green chemistry” principle. Our products therefore contain extremely little solvent. The lifespan of a surface is extended indefinitely, so that further treatment or replacement is unnecessary. This saves energy and raw materials that would be needed for treatment and replacement. Recoat BV is a corporate social responsibility company. In the development of our products we seek the balance between people, planet and profit, in other words: social, ecological and economic interests.

Protective coating
Protective coating


Recoat is only a producer of the various coatings. We are constantly developing the coatings but do not apply them ourselves. We work together with a number of carefully selected applicators. They are specialized in applying our coatings.


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