Recoat coating permanently protects and restores weathered industrial doors

Industrial doors are intensively used and exposed to all weather conditions during their lifetime. Although the doors keep functioning well due to proper maintenance, they often show a weathered condition that doesn’t comply with the professional appearance a company strives for.

We recently carried out a successful Recoat Semi Gloss coating treatment on an industrial door at Multideur, a leading Dutch supplier with an installed base of 10.000 industrial doors. One of the challenges they were facing was finding a sustainable, easy to clean, long term solution for their weathered industrial doors.

A completely new appearance within minimal time

Maarten Homminga, Managing Director of Multideur: ‘From day one, the contact with the Recoat team was pleasant; they are professionals with a clear view on innovative maintenance solutions and sustainability. The protective coating was applied easily and didn’t take much time, and what I liked most is that its original color was revealed instantly. This makes a huge difference in the first impression of our company. I am also very satisfied knowing that the door is now permanently protected against all weather conditions, which means that we extended the lifespan of the door. Therefore, I am happy to say that the result is beyond my expectations. Currently we are exploring ways to work together in the future, for example by involving a maintenance company or one of Recoat’s distributors. I look forward to how this will work out for both companies.’

Long lasting protection within three steps

To ensure an optimal result in both protection and appearance, we applied a combination of three Recoat products consisting of Recoat Cleaner, Recoat Stix and Recoat coating. To show the difference between Semi Gloss and Matt coating, the door was treated in two sections. We applied Matt coating on the surface below the windows, while the main part of the door is treated with Semi Gloss coating.

  • Because preparatory sanding is not necessary, we started by cleaning the door with Recoat Cleaner. This universal cleaning and degreasing agent is extremely suitable for cleaning weathered coatings and leaves no residue.
  • Secondly, we applied Recoat Stix; this product ensures optimal adhesion, seals the substrate, restores colors and is suitable for the preparation of metals and powder coated surfaces.
  • The last step was to apply both Recoat Matt and Recoat Semi Gloss coating on the door. Semi Gloss is a clear, waterborne coating that has excellent adhesive characteristics. It is easy to apply, dust dry within 20 minutes and is highly scratch, dirt and water repellent. Due to proper pretreatment with Recoat Cleaner and Recoat Stix, the original color of the door is revealed and forms a permanent, transparent protective layer. The coating protects against persistent weather effects and dirt adhesion and is very easy to clean.

Our products are easy to combine with each other. The main goals of this specific treatment were to apply a protective layer on the door and reveal its original color. However, applying a brand new color whilst ensuring optimal protection is easily done, just by replacing Recoat Stix by Recoat Multi primer.

Please contact us if you require any additional information. We look forward to helping you with sustainable coating protection that lasts.

Figure 1: Industrial door before application
Figure 2: Rinsing after cleaning with Recoat Cleaner
Figure 3: Applying Recoat Coating
Figure 4: close-up of the result
Figure 5: The treated door with Recoat Semi Gloss and Matt coating

photo-1-door-before-treatment-multi-door    photo-2-cleaning-after-application-recoat-cleaner_    photo 3-application-recoat-coating

photo-5-close-up-result     photo 4-treated-door-with-semi-gloss-and-matt