Are you always looking for ways to reduce your maintenance costs? We understand that like no other. Recoat has found the solution with which we significantly reduce your management and maintenance costs. Of course you want to know how. We develop and produce revolutionary coatings. This transparent coating permanently protects surfaces against dirt, water, weathering and graffiti. That sounds good right? Read on for more benefits of the coatings from Recoat.


Have your surfaces treated by one of our applicators and save on your maintenance costs. Substrates are permanently protected against pollution and damage. The result is that frequent cleaning of these surfaces becomes unnecessary. This reduces the cleaning frequency, so that your maintenance costs also fall. In addition to the maintenance costs, you save even more money. This also saves money by extending the lifespan of the substrate. The replacement investment can be postponed or even no longer necessary.

The developed by Recoat are suitable for almost all surfaces. They are very suitable for use in infrastructure, real estate and civil engineering. Think of noise barriers, public transport, roads, stations and public buildings.

Reduce maintenance costs
Reduce maintenance costs


Lower management and maintenance costs, who doesn’t want that? Recoat produces revolutionary coatings that ensure that you save considerably on your maintenance costs. The color and condition of the substrate are restored, making replacement and frequent cleaning unnecessary. Adhesion of dirt such as moss, algae and soot particles is also prevented. In addition to the saved costs, you also contribute to a sustainable and environmentally friendly society with the help of our coatings. The coatings contain extremely few solvents and are water-borne. Also, a substrate does not have to be sanded before it is treated with a coating. This means that no harmful substances are released as a result of sanding.


To apply the coatings, you must contact one of our applicators. Do you have product specific questions or would you like more information? Mail us or fill out our contact form on the website.

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