Removing graffiti

Removing graffiti is a common problem in our society. Graffiti pollutes the environment and that is the reason for many irritations within the maintenance sector. Removing graffiti is made very easy thanks to Anti Graffiti Coatings from Recoat. We have the solution. So do you want to easily remove graffiti from walls, stations, trains, noise barriers, traffic signs or electricity boxes? View our products here or contact us.


Recoat has developed two different Anti Graffiti coatings, both of which ensure that graffiti removal becomes much easier. The difference is in the finish of the coatings, for example, we have a high gloss and a matt finish. Applying the coating means that graffiti is less likely to adhere to the substrate and is therefore very easy to clean. It is a revolutionary coating that not only protects the treated surface against graffiti but also against dirt, water and weathering. After treatment, removing graffiti takes no more effort. With just a spray, the Recoat graffiti remover, and a cloth, the graffiti can simply be removed by anyone. This means that hiring special staff and large equipment is a thing of the past.

Removing graffiti
Removing graffiti


Cost saving is the biggest advantage of treating a substrate with a graffiti coating from Recoat. And who doesn’t want significant savings in management and maintenance costs? The most important reason for this cost saving is saving on personnel and equipment. This is not only because the graffiti is easy to remove but also because the cleaning frequency of a substrate drops after treatment with one of our coatings. It also provides permanent protection for the substrate and extends the lifespan of the substrate indefinitely. This also results in considerable cost savings, since the substrate no longer needs to be replaced and the replacement investment can therefore be postponed. Applying the Anti Graffiti coating is also a very sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative for the maintenance of surfaces. The coating is water-based and contains extremely few solvents. In addition, much less maintenance and cleaning is required, so that fewer harmful substances are released.

View the Recoat product videos here and see with your own eyes how many benefits this coating brings. It can be that simple.


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