The STAY SAFE Concept: regaining trust in being safely together in public areas

Coming together and staying safe. That is what we are all longing for, as COVID has a high impact on our daily lives. This is the motivation behind the STAY SAFE concept, developed and recently announced by our Swedish business partner Hållbar Teknik.

The STAY SAFE concept consists of Recoat’s antimicrobial coating, AM Protector®, combined with an informative visual concept. The clear visual information signs will help communities regain trust in being safely together in public areas in post-COVID times. The information signs will create recognition for visitors of a STAY SAFE-treated environment, the so-called STAY SAFE ZONE. Visitors to restaurants, stores, public areas and workplaces where the concept is applied can be assured that the area is secure and hygienic. 

The STAY SAFE product range consists of a cleaner and 5 antimicrobial coatings.  The visual concept offers decals and signs with the STAY SAFE logo and a QR code that leads to a customized landing page. 

The concept can be applied in any sector: public transport, public areas, hospitality, leisure, education, healthcare, offices, real estate etc. Please visit for general information and read more about partnerships on