Wall coating from Recoat

Do you need a wall coating to protect your walls? Recoat has produced various wall coatings which will make cleaning walls much easier. At Recoat you will find both a wall coating for exterior and interior walls.

Why should you treat walls with a wall coating from Recoat? It is a financially very attractive alternative for the maintenance of walls, since after applying our coating you save considerably on maintenance costs. In addition to saving on maintenance costs, our coatings are sustainable and environmentally friendly. This is because the coating contains extremely few solvents and is produced on a water basis. In addition, it is not necessary to sand a wall before treatment. Only cleaning the wall inside or outside is sufficient for processing the wall coating.


The Wall Sealer is the perfect, innovative coating for interior walls. This is a matt, transparent coating, which adheres extremely well on almost every surface inside. Because the coating is very matt, updating the coating is hardly visible. The Wall Sealer has a very high yield and is easy to process. The Wall Sealer can only be used indoors on walls and ceilings. It can be processed directly from the bucket. The coating is extremely suitable for applying over a wall paint. This minimizes the risk of contamination and optimizes the cleaning of the subsoil.

Wall coating
Wall coating


The Recoat Concrete coating was produced for external walls. This is a matte, transparent coating that is suitable for almost all surfaces both inside and outside. Only breathable surfaces such as wood outside are not suitable for applying this coating. The coating leaves no water vapor. The coating has a high yield and is very easy to process, resulting in excellent adhesion of the product.


The wall coatings from Recoat ensure that walls and ceilings are protected against water, dirt and weathering, both inside and outside. The coating is dirt and water repellent and contains UV blockers so that weather influences have no chance of damaging the walls. In addition, cleaning a surface is very easy after treatment with one of our wall coatings.

Recoat itself is only producer of the coatings and does not apply them. Enthusiastic? You can contact one of our applicators for applying one of the coatings. Are you interested in applying our products or do you have specific questions about our products? Contact us or fill in our contact form.