Water damage to public buildings, noise barriers, public transport or stations due to rain, snow or flooding can lead to major problems. The image damage and the costs for repairing the subsurface can run high. Thanks to our years of experience in the maintenance industry, we know better than anyone how annoying this damage or pollution can be. But this is now a thing of the past. Recoat has the solution against damage caused by water. We have developed a water-repellent coating. This coating protects surfaces permanently. Do you want to know more about the water-repellent coating? Then read on.

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Recoat has produced various types of water-repellent coating. Which is most suitable for your surfaces depends on the surface and where it is located. We have special coatings for both indoor and outdoor floors. This coating contains a unique anti-slip effect. We also have a special Anti Graffiti coating for places where graffiti is a nuisance. Graffiti therefore adheres to the substrate less easily and can be cleaned easily. A special coating is also applied to protect concrete both inside and outside. Are you curious about the benefits of these coatings? Then read on.

Water-repellent coating
Water-repellent coating


One of the biggest advantages of the water-repellent coatings is the considerable saving on your management and maintenance costs. This is because no more water damage is suffered. This reduces the cleaning frequency. Substitution of the substrate is also no longer necessary, so that the replacement investment can be postponed. The water-repellent coating is also durable and environmentally friendly. The coating has been developed according to the green chemistry method. This means that the coatings contain extremely few solvents and are water-borne. Because replacement is no longer necessary, these raw materials do not have to be produced either. We have experience in various industries, so that we can provide you with optimum advice. Thanks to our knowledge about real estate, civil engineering and infrastructure, we know better than anyone how we can achieve a good result.


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