Wear-resistant coating from Recoat

Do you suffer from wear and tear on floors, walls, sound walls or other surfaces? Let these surfaces be treated with a wear-resistant coating from Recoat. We have developed various wear-resistant coatings for the protection of your surfaces. You are at the right address for a floor coating with anti slip, a high gloss coating, a coating for concrete inside, a coating for concrete outside and three different Anti Graffiti coating. All these coatings are wear-resistant. A coating has been developed for almost every surface.

Our coatings have a large amount of application possibilities. They are particularly suitable for application in public and public places. Think of government buildings, station halls, hospitals, schools and public transport such as trains, buses, trams and metros.

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There are several reasons why wear on surfaces can occur. Much wear is caused by age or by pollution. This is a thing of the past after treatment with one of our coatings. The coating is water and dirt repellent. Dirt is less likely to adhere to a surface, so that the environment remains cleaner. Because dirt does not fully adhere, cleaning a surface is also much easier after treatment. Water damage is also no longer applicable as the coating is water-repellent.

But wear is also prevented by means of the UV blockers that are incorporated in the coatings. These UV blockers ensure that there is no more trouble with wear due to the sun. Discoloration and weathering that normally occurs due to different weather conditions is prevented.

Wear-resistant coating
Wear-resistant coating


Your biggest advantage? Great savings on your maintenance costs. These costs are many times lower because less cleaning and maintenance is required. In addition, replacement of the substrates is no longer necessary because wear is prevented. This makes the cost savings considerable.


We have produced the wear-resistant coatings based on our years of experience in the maintenance industry. For this we work together with chemists and people from different fields. Our biggest goal is a clean environment in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. We are constantly looking for problems that arise in maintaining surfaces to come up with a solution.

Recoat is only producer of the coatings, we do not apply coatings ourselves. For this we work together with our applicators. They are responsible for applying the coatings.

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