Our Anti-Graffiti coating prevents graffiti from adhering. Also on trains.

In some circumstances graffiti can be considered as street art that conveys a message and therefore adds value to a neighborhood. Unfortunately, most graffiti is disruptive: when graffiti is applied on walls or surfaces of your office building or in public areas without permission, it becomes a real nuisance. If graffiti is not taken care of, it often encourages more graffiti, an effect which is undesirable. Recoat offers an anti-graffiti coating that is smart, sustainable and less expensive than alternative cleaning solutions.


Removing graffiti the smart way | preventing adhesion

The most common methods for graffiti removal include steam cleaning or applying a cleaning agent. However, Recoat has developed another option: preventing graffiti from fully attaching to the surface by applying a smart coating that forms a permanent, protective layer. As a result, graffiti can be removed very easily without damaging the surface. Moreover, the coating restores the color of the surface and the coating also prevents stickers and posters from adhering.
Long lasting protection against graffiti for Bulgarian State Railways in three steps
The Bulgarian State Railways suffers a lot from graffiti on their trains and tested Recoat Anti-Graffiti Gloss on trains for a duration of six months. Results showed that removing the graffiti turned out to be far easier than other methods. After applying the Anti-Graffiti coating on all trains, the graffiti can now be removed easily and takes less cleaning time at a lower frequency.

• Because preparatory sanding is not necessary, we started by cleaning the trains with Recoat Cleaner. This universal cleaning and degreasing agent is highly suitable for cleaning weathered coatings and leaves no residue.
• Secondly, we applied Recoat Multiprimer clear; this product ensures optimal adhesion, is scratch and wear resistant, restores colors and is also suitable for the preparation of metals and powder coated surfaces.
• The last step was to apply Recoat Anti-Graffiti Gloss coating on the trains. This is a clear, waterborne 2k coating that has excellent adhesive characteristics. It is easy to apply, rainproof within 30 minutes and protects surfaces for persistent dirt adherence. It is also highly resistant to rust and chemicals.


Removing graffiti easily and quickly

Now that the trains are treated with a protective layer, graffiti can be removed easily with Recoat Graffiti Remover. This remover comes in a spray bottle and is developed to remove graffiti on Recoat Anti-Graffiti systems. A pressure washer is no longer needed and cleaning can be done easily with a cloth.
Lastly, the Anti-Graffiti coating extends the lifespan of the treated surfaces because of its permanent protective layer. This reduces the need for frequent maintenance or replacement considerably. In this way, we actively contribute to a healthier life environment.


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