Recoat – Anti Graffiti Gloss

  • Premium-grade clear 2k high-gloss permanent anti-graffiti coating for indoors and outdoors
  • Restores colour and substrate; easy to apply
  • Simply clean the substrate; sanding is not necessary
  • Highly dirt and water-repellent
  • Graffiti is really easy to remove with a cloth
  • Can be cleaned unlimited times.
  • Protects surface from wild spots.
  • Chewing gum easy to remove
  • Can be applied on top of existing coats of paint
  • Can be topped with other paint products
  • Rainproof within 30 minutes
  • Premium-grade level of chemicals, UV A and UV B-resistant
  • Extremely hardwearing
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Recoat Anti Graffiti Gloss is a clear, waterborne 2k coating with anti-graffiti characteristics, which is suitable for various substrates for inside and outside use. Recoat Anti Graffiti Gloss has excellent adhesion properties.

After pre-treatment with Recoat Multi Primer clear a permanent, gloss, transparent, protective layer will form.

Recoat Anti Graffiti Gloss protects the surfaces from persistent dirt adherence and therefore is very easy to clean.

In addition, graffiti will not attach to the surface and is therefore really easy to remove with Recoat Graffiti Remover.

Recoat AG Gloss is highly resistant to chemicals, AV A and UV B resistant and highly rust resistant. Chewing gum, stickers and posters will not stick. 

Treated surfaces are not only repaired but also permanently protected against dirt, water, weathering and attachment of biofilm.

As a result, treated surfaces remain clean for longer and retain their original condition. This eliminates the need for frequent maintenance.

Application area

Recoat Anti Graffiti Gloss can be applied to concrete substrates, façade cladding, plastics, various steel surfaces, aluminium (coated or untreated), stickers, posters, wallpaper etc.

We always advise to perform a test application.

Recoat coatings are applicable in many sectors, including real estate, infrastructure engineering ans civil engineering. Due to its simplicity, the Recoat system is a sustainable and less expensive alternative for the maintenance of many typers of substrates.

Additional information



Mixed volume



Clear waterborne 2K coating



Mix ratio

4 : 1 (Recoat base : Recoat hardener). Stir base mechanical before adding hardener for 1 minute. Mix base and hardener mechanical (min 3 min.) without adding water. Then add 20% water and mix again for 3 minutes.


Approx. 12 m2 – 15 m2 / liter Is practical per litre of applied product. The output depends on the application method, roughness, structure and porosity of the substrate.

Gloss strength

Gloss 85 GU

Potlife at 20°C

2 to 3 hours

Relative humidity

A maximum of 80%

Application temperature

10 – 30 °C

Application by means of

Felt roller, Microfibre roller 8-9 mm

VOC content

75 g/L. The product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. EU limit for this product (catA/d): 140 g/L.

Approximate specific density

1,01 KG/L

Volume fixed percentage


Outdoor durability

8 to 10 year durability, provided that application is carried out in accordance with regulations and depending on the condition of the substrate, location and use, as well as normal maintenance., With frequent removal of graffiti, the coating may last less time.

Drying at 20 °C

Dust dry after 20 min, Thumb-tight after 4-6 hours, Cleanable after 7 days


Wear gloves and ensure sufficient ventilation


Full load can take longer due to varying temperatures. Minimum 5 days at a constant temperature of 20 °C.

Cleaning materials

Recoat Cleaner, Water


Temperature during storage, transport and application minimum 5° C and maximum 30°C at a relative humidity of Maximum 85%


Water 10% – 20%

Storage stability

A maximum of 24 months in case of dry storage and a temperature of 5°C to 30°C., Hardener for a maximum of 12 months in case of dry storage and a temperature of 5°C to 30°C


SDS - EU - Recoat - Anti Graffiti Gloss
TDS - EN - Recoat - Anti Graffiti Gloss


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