Recoat AM Protector FLEX: optimal hygiene on flexible surfaces

If hygiene on flexible surfaces is crucial for your business, it is comforting to know that you can rely on Recoat AM Protector FLEX. The new AM Protector Flex product range was developed specifically for use on flexible surfaces, and consists of three products for cleaning, pre-treating and finishing your surface.

AM Protector FLEX is based on the successful AM Protector Technology that Recoat developed together with partner Dercom. By applying this antimicrobial technology in paint and coatings, mold, bacteria and viruses cannot survive. That’s exactly why the AM Protector products and, more recently, the AM Protector FLEX product range have been developed. AM Protector is specifically suitable for static surfaces. With the introduction of AM Protector FLEX you will be able to offer maximum hygienic protection on flexible surfaces.

Recoat AM Protector FLEX is a water-based, transparent coating that puts a permanent thin film on nearly any flexible surface. Examples include leather, artificial leather, faux leather and artificial leather.

The versatility of the product ensures that Recoat AM Protector FLEX is suitable for all industries. The coating is easy to apply, its smooth structure prevents dirt adhesion and ensures the surface is easy to clean. In addition, the coating ensures that treated surfaces are resistant to viruses, bacteria and mold. As a result, you are assured of long-lasting optimal hygiene and protection.

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