Our coatings contain 100 years of knowledge, experience and passion

Our coatings contain 100 years of knowledge, experience and passion

Take more than 100 years of knowledge and experience, bundle this with passion, conviction and persistence, and innovative coatings emerge which make a real difference in the maintenance sector, and therefore for the living environment. This is in short the exiting story of Recoat.

Conviction and passion

How can I use my knowledge and experience in order to significantly extend the durability of materials, with the main goal to relieve the pressure on the entire maintenance industry and, as a result, taking better care of our living environment? This is the drive of Gérard de Bresser, director of Recoat. He has a strong conviction that maintenance of surfaces and materials can be far more sustainable. This means repairing materials instead of replacing them, and thus significantly extend the lifespan of materials. When materials are maintained with a high- quality environmentally friendly coating, routine replacements, of, for example, window frames are no longer necessary.

He has put his vision into practice by starting Recoat, where sharing knowledge and collaboration are at the heart of the organisation. By collaborating with chemists and maintenance specialists who share the same purpose and passion, the company has already achieved much. Meanwhile, a broad product range has been developed which are distributed internationally by their own distribution network. Recoats’ specialists possess a shared 100 years of craftsmanship and innovation, which has led to a new generation of coatings that proves maintenance can be organized in an entirely different, more sustainable way!

Innovative products and technology

Recoat distinguishes itself by its unique, high-quality and environmentally friendly coatings. Gérard has a clear opinion about the ‘sustainable’ label: ‘ The word sustainable is used by so many organisations and has been interpreted in so many different ways, that it loses its meaning and, as a result, its strength. I find that regrettable, because precisely by focusing on developing and producing according to the principles of green chemistry, so much more can be achieved. We produce water- based coatings that contain extremely few solvent and are therefore environmentally friendly’.

In cooperation with their partner, Dercom, Recoat also developed the AM Protector ® Technology and corresponding products. This is an antimicrobial technology on which mold, bacteria and viruses cannot survive. This technology can also be added to all types of paints and coatings. The AM Protector Technology has been developed and tested for over two years. Recent test results confirm that the antimicrobial coating AM Protector is no less than 96.8% effective against the COVID-19 virus.

AM Protector in combatting COVID-19

In the United Kingdom and Turkey, distributors of Recoat are working successfully with AM Protector in public spaces such as schools and shopping malls. Currently, the Swedish distributor is testing floor coatings to which AM Protector Technology has been added. There is also a lot of interest in both the technology and the products in other countries.

Gérard: ‘Not only a sustainable production process, but also Corporate Social Responsibility is taken very seriously by our organisation. We wish to share our knowledge and to introduce this coating in developing countries in order to diminish the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This is why we are working together with PUM, a volunteer organisation that supports and advises small and medium sized enterprises in developing countries. We are pleased with this collaboration and proud to be able to help in combatting COVID-19’.

Repairing instead of replacing – also on international level

Gérard: ‘All products we develop are intended to reduce strain on the whole maintenance sector and therefore, to change the living environment. This is possible by focusing on extending the lifespan of existing materials instead of on replacing  the materials. I am pleased with our partners’ and distributors’ trust in our products, but I am even more proud of the fact that they share our view and are supporting our ideals. Together we are able to increase our influence on the maintenance sector and therefore, to ensure that existing materials will be maintained in a more sustainable way. In this way, we will be able to contribute actively to a healthier life environment. This is exactly why we started Recoat!’

* march 3, 2021 – Laboratorium Vismederi Textyle S.r.l.