Recoat expands her activities to the Caribbean island of Curaçao

Working and living on a Caribbean island sounds like a dream to many of us. In fact, it truly is appealing to be surrounded by nature, a deep blue sea and a pleasant temperature. However, the sun and wind are always present on the island and not only refresh your head, but also influence the condition of the buildings. 

That’s why Recoat recently started a partnership with Ad Hopmans of Curacoat to expand its activities to the island of Curaçao. Recoat’s coatings offer permanent protection on walls of buildings against exposure to sand, wind and sun. Curacoat is Recoat’s distributor on the island and offers high quality and durable coating solutions for both indoor and outdoor walls. 

A promising start for Curacoat 

Curacoat recently applied Recoat Matt wall sealer on the outdoor walls of Rottumhuys Caribbean, a well-known furniture store on the island. Aside from the store, the outdoor walls of Coral Estate Rental villas were also treated, and are now protected against the weather conditions on the island.  

The coating restores the surface and permanently protects it against discoloring and weathering. The protected walls are extremely resistant to UV radiation and salt, and the lifetime of the paint system is extended. Since the surface is dirt and water repellent following treatment, maintenance costs will be reduced significantly. 

Gérard de Bresser, director of Recoat: ‘All products we develop are intended to reduce strain on the whole maintenance sector and therefore, to change the living environment. This is possible by focusing on extending the lifespan of existing materials instead of on replacing  them. I am pleased with Curacoat’s trust in our products. Together we are able to increase our influence on the maintenance sector on the island. Curacoat made a promising start and as a manufacturer it is comforting to rely on their knowledge and experience. We are confident that Curacoat will advise future customers to fulfill their specific needs on the island and wish them the best of luck!’



Figure 1: the amphora at the right side has been treated with Recoat Multi Primer Clear and Recoat Matt and is water repellent. 


Figure 2: Applying Recoat Matt coating at the outdoor walls of Rottumhuys Caribbean.