Post COVID times lead to a changing view on hygiene and require safe spaces

On February 27th 2020, The Netherlands reported its first COVID-19 infection. Today, we are about to close a chapter of pandemic circumstances we encountered the past two years: testing, isolation and limitations caused by the worldwide pandemic. We are discovering the ‘new normal’ while remaining alert to new virus variants.

We expect the ‘new normal’ will be different regarding our changed hygienic behavior. We have become much more aware because of our new understanding of hygiene. Washing your hands during the day, taking signs of your health more seriously and greeting each other in ways other than the standard handshake have become (the new) normal to us.

Changing view on hygiene where people meet

However, despite taking our individual responsibility, employers, public areas and organizations need to prepare for employees and visitors returning to the workplace or public spaces. People will congregate again and wish to rely on a hygienic and safe environment.

In 2020, Recoat launched their AM Protector® technology they worked on for over two years. AM Protector is an innovative antimicrobial coating that provides long-term protection against bacteria, mold and virus particles such as COVID-19.

Especially in public spaces where many people congregate, such as railway stations, airports, hospitals, schools and offices, the risk of spreading a virus is high. By applying AM Protector on surfaces such as tables, counters, handles, sanitary facilities and doors, but also leather, artificial leather and soft plastics, these gain long-term protection and become inhospitable to mold, bacteria and even viruses such as COVID-19. As a result, not every surface has to be continuously disinfected and cleaners can work more efficiently.

Research trial at public area & STAY SAFE concept

During the pandemic, a cleaning company carried out their own field research on the functioning and effectiveness of Recoats’ AM Protector coating and started a 6 months trial phase in the restrooms of a large public area. The test results were convincing and showed a long-lasting hygienic protection and a significant saving on maintenance costs. AM Protector keeps surfaces clean for a longer period, also between cleaning schedules. This enables the cleaning company to perform without increasing the cleaning frequency or exposing their employees to harmful agents.

Recoat distributors are already working successfully with AM Protector. In 2021, Recoat’s Swedish distributor introduced the STAY SAFE concept, which has been tested and approved by the Swedish government. The concept consists of Recoat’s antimicrobial coatings combined with an informative visual concept.

We believe that this concept will help communities to regain trust in safely being together in public areas in post-COVID times.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or remarks about the AM Protector product range or test reports. We look forward to working towards the creation of safe hygienic spaces together.