Rely on Recoats’ antimicrobial coatings. Now more than ever.

Offering a clean and hygienic environment has always been crucial for managing businesses and public areas. Now that we are facing a worldwide pandemic, this has become more important than ever. In fact,  we do not only need a clean and hygienic environment but also an antimicrobial one. 

It is comforting to know that you can rely on Recoats’ AM Protector® product range. In the past years, Recoat has developed and tested their proven AM Protector Technology with partner Dercom. By applying this antimicrobial technology in paint and coatings, molds, bacteria and viruses cannot survive.

In the past year, both Recoat’s own specialists and distributors in the United Kingdom, Turkey and Sweden have executed pilots with AM Protector in a variety of locations and public areas. Such locations included gyms, malls, conference centers and hospitals. 

In August 2021, our Swedish business partner Hållbar Teknik announced the STAY SAFE concept. This concept consists of Recoat’s antimicrobial coating, AM Protector®, combined with an informative visual concept. Its information signs help communities regain trust in being safely together in public areas and create recognition for visitors of a STAY SAFE-treated environment, the so-called STAY SAFE ZONE.

By utilizing AM Protector on surfaces such as tables, counters, handles, sanitary facilities and doors, and materials such as leather, artificial leather and soft plastics, these gain long-term protection against molds, bacteria and viruses. The coating is water-based, easy to apply, and has a long-lasting effect. Its condition can be tested by the cleaning staff via UV light. 

With this product range we offer targeted additional hygiene for the most critical hand touch points and places. As a result, people are assured of long-lasting optimal hygiene and protection. This enables us to contribute actively to a healthier life environment. That is exactly why the AM Protector Technology has been developed. 

Would you like to know more about AM Protector? Please read the product information or contact us. We look forward to helping you.