Recoat and PUM join forces to combat COVID-19 in developing countries

Recoat and PUM join forces to combat COVID-19 in developing countries

Recoat BV has, in cooperation with Dercom BV, developed an innovative coating that provides long-term protection against bacteria and molds, as well as against viruses. Once the transparent coating is applied to a surface, it becomes inhospitable to bacteria and viruses. This allows the coating to play a significant role in limiting the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

While looking for a partner to bring Recoat AM Protector® to the attention of developing countries, Recoat contacted PUM. PUM is a volunteer organization that advises small and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries and emerging markets.

“We wish to share our knowledge and to introduce this coating in developing countries in order to diminish the spread of the COVID-19 virus”, says Gérard de Bresser, director of Recoat. “PUM has a vast network of relevant companies and organizations in the region and the know-how to successfully launch this product. An ideal combination to launch AM Protector® in developing countries.”

Recoat takes its Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously. De Bresser: ‘That’s why we will offer AM Protector® at a reduced rate in developing countries to increase the availability to schools and public facilities. By working together we are able to intensify our shared efforts in combatting this pandemic!’